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Southwest Airlines Hiring to Fill 500 Spots
Southwest Airlines is in search of baggage handlers, and they're offering a pretty big perk for those interested. The company on Friday announced plans to hire 500 new ramp workers at several locations including Chicago, Dallas, Denver …

The Southwest Airlines Nationwide Sale Means You Can Fly For , Which Is
If you've even been possibly, kind of, maybe thinking about taking a trip, it's time to lay down a little bit of cash. And I do mean a “little” bit. Southwest Airlines is having a nationwide ticket sale that seriously — I'm not joking — lets you buy …
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Peggy Uhle: Southwest Airlines Passenger's Son 'Continuing To Recover'
According to reports from My Fox Philly, Uhle's son slipped into a coma as she boarded a Southwest Airlines flight. Reportedly, her husband could not reach her because she'd turned off her phone. That's when the airline staff went to work. The …
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